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Why You Should Sell Your Home Now

Reasons You Should Sell Your Home Right Now

In 2006, you saw the housing industry completely crash and burn, which put buying and selling homes at a near standstill. Homes were being foreclosed on, even people with good credit couldn’t get loan approvals, and sellers who were getting offers on their properties stood little chance of selling them for their true worth. 

As a result, at the time that everything went awry, many people who had their properties up for sale decided to make a hasty exit from such a hostile and unpromising environment. They had hope that better days would eventually arrive, and that they would be able to sell their homes for a fair price.

As a real estate broker, I see people years later still waiting to put their homes up for sale. The main reason for stalling is that they’re terrified to try and re-enter the housing market at the wrong time.

Perhaps you are one who decided to cut your losses and stay in a home, because it seemed that fate had forced your hand. Or, you might even be one of the many that are fresh to the home selling scene, and are ready to move on to the greener pastures of a new home. Either way, it’s likely that you have wondered if now is the right time to sell, or if you should hold out for the economy to improve just a bit more. I won’t misguide you. There are some who would say that holding out for a little longer would serve you well. However, I have a good bit of data to back up my belief that now is the perfect time to get your house on the market. Following, I have listed just a few solid reasons you should absolutely sell your home as quickly as possible. Making a move immediately will most definitely work for you rather than against you. Now is the time.


Interest rates are on the rise.

Simple Supply and Demand.  (Demand is high, Supply is low.)

Low interest means buying power.

I highly recommend that you go ahead and put your home on the market while a borrower’s buying power is strong and steady. More than anything else, a strong buying power is going to assist you in getting the very best price for your home. 

By moving forward with your sale, your buyers win, because they have a great home that is worth the price they are paying. Likewise, they can actually afford to make their mortgage payment without too much sweat, blood, and tears. You win because you didn’t have to drop your asking price exponentially just to get it sold, and you were able to make a sell quickly, because your buyers knew they were getting a deal. Everyone is happy, and you all benefit from this situation. 

I know that trying to sell a home after the debacle the market has been through is quite frightening, but what I am presenting to you is backed by trusted facts and projections. I understand your concerns, and simply want to see you make the best of an excellent money making situation.

Even if you haven’t had luck in the past selling your property, I can help to get your home sold in the here and now. Please, feel free to contact me to learn more about getting your home sold quickly and for a great price. Let’s get you ready to take advantage of this great time for selling your home. Thank you!

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