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Make the Best First Impression

You Get One Chance To Make A Great First Impression…  So, here are a few things to make the best first impression possible.


FIRST – Take care of those small, unsightly repairs, inside and out.


  • Fix loose or sticky doors and closet tracks
  • Repair and/or polish doorknobs
  • Repair cracks or scratches in porcelain sinks and tubs
  • Replace broken or chipped tile
  • Patch any holes in walls and paint
  • Clean and replace any broken or cracked glass
  • Be sure that all windows open and close
  • Replace light bulbs, add light to dark areas    


  • Mow, rake, and trim lawn shrubs
  • Clean patio & around front door
  • Remove cobwebs from under the eves
  • Keep yard free of pet waste
  • Weed, garden, and replace sickly plants
  • Remove all debris
  • Wash windows
  • Sweep sidewalks and driveway
  • Eliminate oil spots and stains
  • Replace broken trim/fascia
  • Put away all bikes, toys, tools, etc.


NEXT – De-clutter: Thin out shabby, crowded, or unmatched furniture. 

  • Cut down on knick-knacks, wall collections, etc. to create a spacious feeling. The buyer can then visualize the placement of their belongings. 
  • De-junk the closets & storage areas: it will make them look larger and  more appealing.
  • Clean Garage: Store, throw out, and/or have a garage sale to clear out excess items. Scrub the floor and paint, if necessary.


NOW – Sparkle & Shine:  You want the buyer to feel like they are buying something shiny and new.

  • Clean and polish everything in sight: doorknobs, windows, cabinets, tables, walls, window sills, tubs, shower, sink, floor, all appliances, carpets, etc.
  • Keep counters clean and clutter free
  • Paint walls in a neutral color; soft white is good
  • Shampoo or steam clean carpets to eliminate unpleasant odors


AVOID – unnecessary re-carpeting, remodeling, or major redecorating. Prospective buyers’ taste may be different from your own.



A few tricks of the trade:

  • Have a loaf of bread (from store or homemade) in the oven for a heavenly, welcoming aroma.
  • No time to bake? Just sprinkle a little cinnamon on a hot burner … the smell is wonderful.
  • Send pets to the neighbors.
  • Have soft background music playing.
  • Set out a vase of fresh flowers.
  • Open all curtains and turn on lights for a cheery, welcoming feeling.
  • DON’T leave money or valuables in plain sight. 


Once you have completed these checklists, you will probably have tripled your chances for a speedy sale at a premium price!

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