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Solid Selling Tips

Just a Little Time & Effort: Make More Money from the Sale of Your Home.

So you have the house on the market, and you’re hoping for that first visitor to show up. Of course you think your house is great, but viewers seem less than impressed. The next potential buyers seem the same, as do the ones after that. What’s the problem?!

 Well, this could be any number of issues from clutter to lack of curb appeal. Don’t worry; almost every home needs at least a minor facelift before they go on the market. Luckily for you, this situation can be easily fixed with a little bit of time and effort.

Before we get into deep details, I want to be certain that you understand a couple of things about selling your house. 

First, quit thinking of your house as your home. Instead, think of it as an investment that will provide a great return. That is, it can provide a great return if you can persuade someone to buy it.

There are a number of varying factors, but your target customers, your location, and your actual existing structure have a lot to do with the market value of your home. Some of the most common suggestions work quite well for anyone selling their home; painting for example. On the other hand, some work better for specific sets of people and homes.

As such, don’t feel compelled to drop a ton of money on projects that no one else in your area is willing to spend money on. For instance, a basement can greatly raise the value of a home, and some buyers are willing to pay more for that particular finished room, according to National Association of Realtors. This is great news for those with existing basements. However, if you live near an area where basements are virtually impossible to build, don’t go into the throws of grief because there’s no way you can possibly make this improvement. But, trust me, we will find the pertinent improvements for your area. We will find the best improvements and projects that will, in reality, increase the value of your home, and appeal to the best of buyers.

So you can make more from the sale of your home, here are 10 important tips we can help you with:

  • Learn why your home isn’t selling
  • Discover the true meaning of deep clean
  • Explore why you’d rather revamp than replace, if at all possible
  • Learn why the bathroom and kitchen can make or break your sale
  • Understand why providing potential buyers with a blank canvas is so important
  • Learn the trick to add an additional bedroom without adding footage
  • Discover the importance of storage space, and how buyers are drawn to it
  • Learn how to use your home’s lighting to your advantage
  • Decipher the best route for addressing your flooring woes
  • Understand how your entrance and curb appeal play an essential part in the way buyers perceive your home

Selling your home is not an easy business, but one that is worth embarking on. You just need to know how to get your home ready and primed to make the most money. We can, and want to help. You’d be surprised how nicely you can revamp your home on a dime!

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